Day tripping: Archaeological sites of Epidavros and Mycenae

I rented a little diesel Fiat this morning, punchy on the stick shift, and google-mapped myself out of town to Epidavros, one of the best preserved theatres from Ancient Greece. It's an extensive site, sanatoriums, temples, healing baths, a stadium, etc but the theater is the knockout feature. The acoustics are incredible. A couple tour … Continue reading Day tripping: Archaeological sites of Epidavros and Mycenae


Tonight I learned that there isn't a set time that bars must close in Athens, and that the time at which a bar closes is "fluid." I expressed surprise and said that in Canada they all had to close by 2:00. "Too bad for Canada," I was told. Indeed. A bit more fluidity would go … Continue reading Faust

Athens, day 3

My plan to start early up the Acropolis paid off. I entered at 8:15 AM, just after it opened, and there were very few people around. When I left about two hours later, massive tour groups were flooding in. After the Acropolis, I climbed Filopapou Hill, then went to the Roman Agora and Hadrian's library. … Continue reading Athens, day 3

Athens Day 2

First full day in Athens and my wristwatch says that I took 19,624 steps and -- if you will excuse the gushing cliches -- that's nearly 20,000 new vistas and experiences in this city in which every step offers a view either to the ancient past or to the vibrant present. I started out the … Continue reading Athens Day 2